Our Boards

Ocean Housing Group Board

The two subsidiary companies have a great deal of independence but ultimately, the responsibility and accountability for all activities, strategic direction and policies of the Group, rest with the Ocean Housing Group Board.

Company Boards

Each organisation has its own Board that provides a strong strategic approach. Board Membership comprises a combination of staff, tenants and independents.

Our existing systems and procedures are well developed with responsive day to day management decisions being made by the Executive Group and Senior Management Staff.

The Boards continue to develop a strong and informed style of management, ensuring procedures are in place to enable continual monitoring of achievements and standards. This is done to prove accountability and to respond to scrutiny and challenge from our residents and tenants. In particular, our set of 7 Service Standards will continue to evolve, in partnership with residents, Boards and staff, to set new and improved levels of service.

Our commercial activities focus on creating profits to reinvest in our core social business activities, facilitate additional improvements in homes, services, communities, the environment, employment and training.

Ocean Housing Group Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales, Registration No. 05000720.

Tenants and Residents Panel

Entirely resident led, the Tenants and Residents Panel provides the ideal opportunity for residents to get involved in policy decisions, procedures, and strategies. Meeting once a month, the panel also monitors and reviews the performance of our services and enlists the help of Ocean’s Scrutiny Panel to look into services in greater depth.

The Panel also have ownership of the Treasure Chest initiative, granting communities and neighbourhoods much needed funding for their own events.

They also discuss and provide direction on housing, including area based issues acting as both a consultative and a decision-making body.

The Panel:

  • Reviews the performance of our services and the decisions affecting tenants.
  • Monitors service standard targets.
  • Identifies areas that Ocean are doing well in, and areas that could be improved.
  • Enlists the help of Ocean’s Scrutiny Panel to look into services in greater depth.

Scrutiny Panel

Residents from across the county form our valued Scrutiny Panel. With direction from either the Tenants and Residents Panel or the Board, the Scrutiny Panel explores how a service is delivered, its quality and timeliness and whether it provides value for money.

This panel is a key part of Ocean’s commitment to continuous improvement and co-regulation and the recommendations it makes are reported to the Tenant and Residents Panel and the Board.