We want to deliver well designed, cost effective and affordable new homes, that meet local housing needs and contribute to the local economy. We will continue to develop homes in the county that are:

Well designed

We will:

  • work with customers, to ensure that our new homes and the neighbourhoods they form, are places where people want to live now and in the future
  • continue to improve the energy efficiency of our homes,
  • seek to reduce fuel costs for residents and helping to combat climate change
  • work with local residents in all our developments to understand and take account of local issues
  • make sure that all our new homes meet or exceed statutory design and funding requirements.

Cost effective

We will:

  • compare our services with similar organisations and work with residents to bring about improvements
  • continue to work with partners to make savings through bulk buying.


We will:

  • provide an appropriate mix of affordable homes to rent and buy. In developments of nine homes or more we will continue to develop 30% for Homebuy and 70% for affordable rental. This will be regularly reviewed to ensure the mix of properties meets needs and enables us to develop new affordable homes.

Meeting local housing need and contributing to the local Economy

We will:

  • work with Cornwall Council/ Parish Councils throughout the county and residents to ensure our developments meet a need for affordable housing
  • contribute to the local economy and increase local employment.

Monitoring our performance

We will report, quarterly, to our Tenants and Residents panel and on our website, our performance against the following targets:

  • No. of affordable homes completed against a set annual target
  • No. of affordable homes ‘started on site’ against a set annual target
  • resident satisfaction with their new home
  • our average score in the Considerate Constructors Scheme.