Asset Management

Looking after the fabric of the buildings is important to Ocean, primarily because it means that our tenants get to live in a decent standard of home, but also because the buildings themselves form by far the largest proportion of the Group’s assets.

Looking after buildings (Assets)

We have an experienced Asset Management team who are responsible for the strategic management of Ocean’s housing assets, including stock condition surveys. The team has successfully delivered Ocean’s Decent Homes targets on our properties and continues to draw up and manage its investment programme, totalling more than £4 million per year. As part of this investment, the team identifies areas of opportunity and development as well as addressing and preventing the decline of our assets.

Project Management

At the core of the asset management function, is the company’s powerful “Integrator” computer system. The team uses this to carry out modelling and simulations of the potential impact of alternative strategies. The result is that the team can project manage and maintain the condition of more than 4000 properties efficiently, keeping a tight control over annual expenditure.

Value for Money

Ocean always looks for the best price and quality when buying goods and services. The money we save is spent on what really matters – our customers’ homes.

The team is also able to undertake Housing Health and Safety Rating System inspections, asbestos monitoring surveys and SAP assessments.