Resident Involvement and Empowerment Standard

This standard ensures that you, our residents, are at the heart of everything we do, working with us to shape our services and monitor our work. It is also our promise to you to provide excellent customer service and to act on your feedback.

Involvement and Empowerment

We will provide you with effective ways to shape and assess our services by:

  • Building on the success of the Tenant and Resident Panel and Scrutiny Panel. We will continue to support all panel members enabling them to monitor our services, suggest service improvements, work with Ocean’s Board and compare our services with similar organisations. This ensures residents truly influence how Ocean is run.
  • Providing you with updates about our performance and how we have acted on your feedback through Street Talk and through our website
  • Offering a range of digital, financial and social inclusion events and opportunities helping to improve the quality of life for our residents
  • Promoting our resident involvement opportunities such as the Editorial Panel, consultations and focus groups.
  • Launch more resident associations and act on their ideas and suggestions.

Sliders Estate WalkaboutCustomer Feedback

We will:

  • encourage your feedback, good or bad, and share this with other residents
  • use your feedback to improve our services
  • deal with complaints and other feedback promptly, politely and fairly.

You already give us your views through satisfaction questionnaires and resident involvement activities. You’ve told us that we must keep you better informed about how we are responding to your issues and comments and we are working with you to find the best ways of doing this.

We have a clear complaints policy but we want to be more open with residents about the type of complaints we receive and how we have learnt from them.

Customer Service

You have told us that customer service is very important to you. We are working to ensure:you receive services on time

  • we treat you fairly and with respect
  • we understand your needs and use this information to provide high quality services
  • we offer choice wherever possible
  • information about our services is accessible to all
  • we provide a mix of digital and traditional services to allow our customers to self-serve and access information when needed.

You can expect us to:

  • acknowledge letters, faxes and emails within 2 working days in plain English
  • deal with letters, faxes and emails within 10 working days in plain English
  • answer at least 70% of telephone calls within 60 seconds
  • respond to LiveChat within 2 minutes
  • respond to enquiries received through our social media channels e.g.Facebook, within 5 minutes
  • make appointments and keep them
  • acknowledge all complaints within 2 days and resolve them within the timescales detailed in our complaints policy.

Monitoring our performance

We will:

  • publicise opportunities for you to get involved and provide feedback from key events
  • provide regular information about complaints to the Tenants and Residents Panel
  • publish the number of compliments and complaints we have received and what we have learnt from them.