Neighbourhood & Community Standard

This standard ensures that the areas you share with your neighbours are clean, safe and well maintained. This includes play and recreational areas, car parks, communal areas inside blocks of flats, shared gardens and grassed areas.

Clean and well maintained neighbourhoods

Shared areas outside your home that are owned by Ocean

We will:

  • cut communal grassed areas regularly throughout the growing season
  • maintain and trim the edges of communal grassed areas
  • spray and remove all weeds, moss and algae from pathways
  • prune untidy trees and shrubs throughout the growing season
  • keep car parks clean and tidy

We want your local area to be free of fly tipping and graffiti so you can enjoy living there.

You can expect:

  • offensive graffiti to be removed by the next working day
  • all other graffiti within 5 working days
  • fly tipping to be removed within 5 working days
  • we will always investigate instances of graffiti and fly-tipping and take action against those responsible wherever possible.

Safe neighbourhoods

Ensuring the health and safety of residents

We want to ensure that your local area is free from hazards. We complete a rolling programme of health and safety inspections and respond promptly to concerns and issues raised by residents.

Anti-social behaviour

We want you to live in a safe and secure environment. We will do all we can to prevent anti-social behaviour before it starts, working with partner agencies to ensure a co-ordinated approach. We try to make it as simple as possible for residents to report anti-social behaviour and take all incidents seriously.

We will:

  • respond to complaints of serious nuisance or harassment by the next working day
  • respond to less serious complaints within 10 working days
  • provide regular updates to complainants on progress made

Communal areas within blocks of flats

All communal areas will be kept clean, safe and well-maintained. There is a cleaning service operating within all our blocks of flats. Residents decided what should be covered by the cleaning contract and the details are available to those receiving the service.

Monitoring our performance

Over 70 tenants have now volunteered to become tenant monitors for our grounds maintenance and communal cleaning services.

These tenants regularly provide feedback on the level and quality of service they receive and on any other issues affecting their local area. During estate walkabouts we want residents and staff to assess the quality of their neighbourhood using set criteria which we have developed.

We will publish the following performance indicators on our website:

  • percentage of Monitors satisfied with the grounds maintenance service
  • percentage of Monitors satisfied with the communal cleaning service
  • satisfaction with the outcome of an anti-social behaviour complaint
  • satisfaction with the way we handled an anti-social behaviour complaint