Home Standard

This standard is about the quality of your home and our repairs and maintenance service. Since we were established we have carried out millions of pounds worth of improvements to Ocean homes including providing new heating systems, kitchens, bathroom suites, external insulation and roofs.

We continue to improve your homes so that they:

  • meet your needs
  • are safe
  • are energy efficient
  • as a minimum, achieve the Government’s Decent Home Standard

We will provide a first class repair service that is cost effective, delivers repairs ‘right first time’, offers flexible appointment slots and encourages tenant feedback. Our responsibilities cover the structure and outside of your home and services such as plumbing, electricity and heating systems.

You can expect your repairs to be completed within the following times:

  • emergency repairs within 24 hours (those needed to avoid health and safety risks)
  • urgent repairs within 5 working days (those that may affect your comfort and cause damage to the property if left too long)
  • standard repairs within 20 working days (not urgent, although may be inconvenient)
  • Non-standard non-urgent repairs within 40 working days

Your safety at home is of utmost importance to us. We will make sure that all routine maintenance is completed on time, this includes gas appliances and systems, oil fired heating systems, fire control systems and smoke alarms.

We will provide residents with an annual report detailing our performance in this area. Wherever possible we want to offer choice in the service you receive from us.

For day-to-day repairs we offer dedicated 2 hour appointment slots.

You can report your repair by:

  • advising a member of Ocean staff in person
  • visiting our website www.oceanhousing.com
  • emailing your repair to help@oceanhousing.com with information about the repair and your address and telephone number
  • texting your repair to 07971 834834, putting Repairs at the start of your message, then information about the repair and your address
  • calling the office (8.30am – 5.00pm) Monday to Friday on 0800 0481054 or 01726 874450
  • using the out-of-hours emergency repairs telephone number 01872 224628

We will always try to offer choice in the finish of works to your home. For major works we will visit you in your home so that we can explain what will happen and when, as well as working with you to design the layout and select your choice of finish.

Ocean will help facilitate minor disabled adaptations and co-operate with the funding partner on larger works relating to disabled tenants’ property adaptations.

We will ensure that the money we invest in your homes is well spent. We will continue to work with partners to buy goods in bulk, reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance and of building new homes.

Monitoring our performance

We will publish the following performance indicators quarterly on our website:

  • percentage of all repairs completed within target time
  • percentage of responsive repair appointments made and kept
  • percentage of repairs completed right first time
  • average end to end time for all reactive repairs
  • percentage of homes failing the Government’s Decent Homes Standard
  • number of gas checks outstanding
  • percentage of tenants satisfied with repairs service.