Service Standards

Our residents are best placed to tell us what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. To make it easier to judge and comment on our services, we have developed 7 Service Standards.

  • Resident Involvement and Empowerment
  • Home
  • Neighbourhood & Community
  • Tenancy
  • Development
  • Value for Money
  • Governance & Viability

These set out the quality of service residents can expect, the improvements we are planning and how they can judge our performance. Each quarter, we publish a performance report for residents which is reviewed by the Tenants and Residents Panel. The report details how we are doing across each of the seven standards.

Read definitions of each standard by clicking on the related links in blue.

Download the latest report from the Documents link.


The Ocean Group is committed to learning from all customer feedback. We welcome comments on the services we provide and see them as an opportunity for us to improve. If you have any comments about our services please contact us.