Protecting the Environment

We believe that running a business and building homes should not ‘cost the earth’ in both senses; financially or environmentally! We think beyond the actual building process too – The finished home should also be more energy efficient in the long term so that you are not using up too much of the Earth’s resources (fuel) to heat your home, and in turn you will have lower energy bills.

Good practice

We are committed to best environmental practice in all aspects of our activities, and specifically to the prevention of pollution. At all times we will aspire to deliver environmentally sound services.

The Ocean Housing Group has successfully completed re-certification for ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management system. We continue to monitor and manage our impact on the environment with the aim of minimising it.

Our CO2 emissions, and other greenhouse gases, continue to be reported annually in the GHG (Green House Gas) Report and the Group has seen a 6% reduction in CO2 emissions year-on-year. The reduction in CO2 is being driven by commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 15%. A programme of initiatives and a plan are in place to deliver this target.